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USB Car Charger + Retractable USB Sync & Charge Cable

Item Number: 192
Original: US$19.89
Special Price: US$11.99 Save: 40%


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USB Car Charger + Retractable USB Sync & Charge Cable USB Car Charger + Retractable USB Sync & Charge Cable

*Please indicate which USB Sync & Charge cable that you require in your order.

Package Content:
  • 1 x USB Car Charger
  • 1 x USB Sync & Charge Cable

  • Choose one of the following listed USB Sync & Charge Cables

    Car Charger connects your PDA to your vehicle's 12 volt power outlet allowing you to power the PDA on the road.
    100% high quality Car Charger with LeD charging indication.

    Input: DC 12V-24V
    Output: DC5.0V
    Max: 400mA

    Available USB Sync & Charge Cable Models
    iPAQ 1910 1930/1940 2210 3600/3700
    3800/3900 4150/4350 5400/5500 ?
    HP 548/565/568 ? ? ?
    Dell X3 ? ? ?
    XDA O2 O2 II ? ?
    PalmOne 500/505/515 Tungsten T Tungsten W Tungsten C
    Tungsten T3 Tungsten E Zire Zire 31
    Zire 71 Zire 72 Treo Treo 600
    Toshiba E310 E350 E740 ?
    Sony S/N T NR/NX TG50
    SJ/SL NZ90 TJ25/35 TJ37
    TH55 UX50
    (Charger Only)
    ? ?
    Asus A716 A620 ? ?
    Acer N20 ? ? ?
    Samsung A500 620 I500 I700
    Mio 168 338 339 559
    Lenovo ET180 ET560 ? ?
    Sanyo 4900 ? ? ?
    Sharp Zaurus 5500/5600 ? ? ?
    Sony Ericsoon P800/P900
    (Charger Only)
    ? ? ?
    Other Models Docomo PocketPC Loox 410 HandSpring Visor
    (Sync Only)
    Blackberry 6200/7200
    MPX200 Danger G1000 ?

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