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Stereo Handsfree/Headset for Sony Ericsson Phone HPS-60 (Black)

Item Number: 564
Original: US$8.90
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Stereo Handsfree/Headset for Sony Ericsson Phone HPS-60 (Black) Mic & Answer Button Tie Clip

Stereo Handsfree/Headset for Sony Ericsson Phone
It is the perfect accessory for people with an active lifestyle. Making your mobile life just a little simpler and more convenient, you can handle all your phone calls without holding the phone to your ear. Sitting comfortably on rather than in your ear, the sturdy, yet flexible.
If music is an important part of your life, this is the handsfree for you. Two slender and comfortable in-ear earpieces make sure that you hear your favorite songs in stereo with the headphones.

  • Easy and simple operation.
  • Enjoy stereo music
  • As FM antenna for listening radio (cell function must have radio function)
  • Listen FM radio (cell function must have radio function)
  • This headset is connected directly to the phone.
  • No extra adapter is required
  • Includes a shirt clip, so you can easily walk and talk hands-free.
  • A remote control is provided.
  • Connects directly to the phone for handsfree operation.
  • Convenient answer/end button located for remote operations.
  • Color: Black

  • Compatible with following Sony Ericsson Cell Phone:
    Aino C510 C510a C702 C702a C901 C902 C903
    C905 C905a D750i Ducati Phone Z770i Elm Equinox F305
    G502 G700 G705 G705u G900 GreenHeart C901
    GreenHeart C901a Hazel J100a J100i J110i J120i J220a
    J220c J220i J230a J230c J230i Jalou by Dolce & Gabbana Jalou
    K200i K205i K220i K310i K320i K330 K510a K510i
    K530i K550i K550im K610c K610i K610im K630i K660i
    K750c K750i K758c K770i K790a K800i K810i K850i
    M600c M600i Naite P1 P1i P990c P990i R300
    R306 S302 S312 S500i S600c S600i Satio a Satio
    T250a T250i T280i T303 T650i T700 T707 T707a
    T715 T715a TM506 V630i V640i W200a W200i W205
    W220a W300i W302 W350a W350i W380a W380i W395
    W508 W508a W518a W550c W550i W580i W595 W595a
    W600 W600a W600i W610i W660i W700i W705 W705a
    W710i W715 W760 W760a W760i W800 W800c W800i
    W810 W810c W810i W850i W880i W890i W900c W900i
    W902 W910i W950c W950i W960i W980 W995 W995a
    Xperia Pureness Yari Z250i Z310a Z310i Z320i Z520a
    Z520c Z520i Z525a Z525i Z530i Z550a Z550i Z555i
    Z558i Z610i Z710i Z750a Z750i Z770i Z780i Zylo

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