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Carrying Case with Zipper & Hand Strap for LG (Black) (for LG Optimpus Chat C550)

Cell phone is not included
Cell phone is not included
Item Number: 1153-4830
Original: US$6.99
Special Price: US$3.99 Save: 43%


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Cell phone is not included Carrying Case with Zipper & Hand Strap for LG (Black)

Compatible with LG Optimpus Chat C550
Carrying Pouch for LG

The Carrying Pouch for LG helps keep your cell phone protected and close at hand. This pouch for LG cell phone has a stylish look and its design allows for quick access making it easier to remove your cell phone from the pouch in order not to miss any important calls. With zipper design to prevent the cell phone from dropping out from the pouch and help to protect the cell phone from dust and dirt. A hand strap is attached to keep the cell phone held closer at hand and no belt clip is attached so it is easy to fit in any of your pockets, briefcase or handbag.

  • Stylish design
  • Zipper opening
  • Prevents cell phone from dropping
  • Prevents dust and dirt
  • With hand strap
  • No belt clip
  • Fits in handbags
  • Dimension: 130 x 70 mm (approx.)
  • Color: Black

  • Fits following LG cell phone models
    Compatible with following LG Cell Phone:
    A190 A258 A7110 AX155 AX245 AX275 AX300 AX310
    AX355 AX390 AX4750 AX490 AX5000 AX565 AX8600
    Accolade VX5600 Ally VS740 Aloha AX140 Aloha AX145
    Aloha LX140 Apex US740 Arena GT950 Arena KM900
    Attune UN270 Axis AS740 Banter AX265 Banter GW620R
    Banter LG265T Banter Touch MN510 Banter Touch UN510 Beacon MN270
    Black CU515 Bliss LG700 Bliss UX700 C1300i C1500
    C2000 C360 CE110 CE500 CF360 CG180 CG225 CG300
    CP150 CU320 CU400 CU405 CU500 CU500v CU915 CU920
    Chocolate 3 VX8560 Chocolate Flip LG8600 Chocolate GIG LGCX8560 Chocolate LG800
    Chocolate Spin LG8550 Chocolate TG800 Chocolate Touch VX8575 Chocolate VX8500
    Chocolate VX8550 Connect 4G MS840 Cookie Fresh GS290 Cookie KP500
    Cookie KP501 Cookie Plus GS500 Cosmos Touch VN270 Cosmos VN250
    Cosmos VN251 Crystal GD900 D.Lite GD570 DM L200
    Dare LGCX9700 Dare VX9700 Decoy VX8610 Ellipse LG9250
    Encore GT550 Enlighten VS700 Envoy UN150 Etna KS360
    Eve LG265T Extravert NV271 F7200 F9100 F9200
    FUSIC LX550 Fathom VS750 Flare LX165 Flick LGT320
    Force LG370 GB220 GB230 GB250G GB255G GD900 GD910
    GM310f GM730f GM750 GR500f GS170 GT400 GT500 GT505
    GU230 GU285 GU290f GU292 GW300 GW382f GW520 GT505
    GW520 GW525 GW620 GW620R GW825 Glance VX7100
    Glimmer AX830 Globus TU330 Helix LW310 Helix UX310
    IQ GW825 Imprint MN240 Incite CT810 Invision CB630
    Jaugar 1 KG130 KC550 KC780 KF300 KF310 KF311 KF510
    KF600 KF700 KG130 KG290 KG375 KM555 KM570 KM900
    KP100 KP130 KP202 KP235 KP500 KS360 KT520 KU970
    Keybo LG9100 Keybo2 LG9200 L1200 L1400i LG160 LG2000
    LG210 LG230 LG231 LG240 LG245 LG260 LG285 LG300
    LG3280 LG3300 LG355 LG357 LG380 LG420G LG4750 LG5500
    LG620 LX125 LX150 LX160 LX225 LX260 LX290 LX350
    LX370 LX400 Loop GT540 Lotus Elite LX610 Lotus LX600
    Lyric MT375 MIGO VX1000 Masterpiece LG7100 Mini GD880
    Muziq AX565 Muziq LX570 Mystique UN610 Neon Aqua Blue GT365
    Neon GT365 Neon II GW370 Neon TE365 Neon2 GT350
    New Chocolate BL20 New Chocolate BL42K Nite LG230 OPTIMUS ONE LGP500
    OPTIMUS ONE P500 Octane VN530 Optimpus Chat C550 Optimus 2 AS680
    Optimus C LW690 Optimus Chat C550 Optimus Chat LGC555 Optimus Chic LGE720
    Optimus GT540 Optimus M MS690 Optimus Me P350 Optimus Net P690B
    Optimus ONE Optimus One P504 Optimus One Optimus Slider VM701
    Optimus Spirit P690 Optimus T P509 Optimus U US670 Optimus V VM670
    Optimus s LS670 PM225 PM325 POP GD510 Phoenix LGP505R
    Plum CU515 Prestige AN510 Prime GS390 Renoir KC910
    Renoir KC910i Rhythm AX585 Rhythm UX585 Rumor LX260
    Rumor Touch LN510 Rumor Touch VM510 Rumor2 LX265 Rumor2 VM265
    Rumour LG260 Rumour Plus GW370 Rumour2 LG265 Saber UN200
    Samba LG8575 Scoop AX260 Script LG265 Secret KF750
    Secret LGTU750 Secret TU750 Sentio GS505 Shine CU720
    Shine Family TU720 Shine II GD710 Shine KE970 Shine LG8700
    Shine Plus GW740 Shine Plus LG710 Shine TU720 Shine Touch KM555
    Spyder II LG840 Spyder LG830 Sway GU290 Swift AX500
    T510 TRAX CU575 TU500 TU515 TU550 Thrive P506
    Touch AX8575 Town C300 Tritan AX840 Tritan UX840
    UX145 UX210 UX220 UX245 UX260 UX300 UX3300 UX355
    UX390 UX4750 UX5000 UX830 VENUS VX8800 VI125 VX3300
    VX3400 VX3450L VX4500 VX4650 VX4700 VX5200 VX5300 VX5400
    VX5500 VX6100 VX7000 VX8000 VX8100 VX8300 VX8350 VX8360
    VX8600 VX8700 VX8800 VX9400 Vantage LGCX830 Vantage UX830
    Versa LG9600 Versa LGCX600 Versa VX9600 Viewty KU990
    Viewty KU990i Viewty Smart GC900 Viewty Smart GC900f Viewty Snap GM360
    Vortex VS660 Vu CU915 Vu CU920 Vu Plus GR700 Vu-TV CU920
    WAVE AX380 Web Slider KS360 Wine 2 UN430 Blue Wine II AN430
    Wine II UN430 Wine LG280 Wine UX280 Wink GU297
    Xenon GR500 chocolate BL20 dLite GD570 eXpo GW820
    enV Touch VX11000 enV2 VX9100 enV3 VX9200 the V VX9800

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