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Car Charger for Samsung (MU) (for Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition S8300)

Item Number: 893-4361
Original: US$5.99
Special Price: US$2.99 Save: 50%


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Car Charger for Samsung (MU) Car Charger for Samsung (MU)

Compatible with Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition S8300
Charge your phone when you're on the road
Why not use the time you spend in your car to make sure your phone is at the ready? The car charger plugs into your car's cigarette lighter and charges your phone while you're driving. It let's you enjoy the functions of your cell phone during driving without interrupted due to out of battery.

  • Vehicle Lighter Adaptor (12~24v DC)
  • Intelligent IC chip inside recognizes a full battery and automatically switch to a saver.
  • Plug never heats or overcharges the battery.
  • LED charging indication.
  • Can Charge Ni-Mh, Ni-cd and Li-Ion Battery.
  • Compatible Samsung Cell Phone
  • Compatible with following Samsung Cell Phone:
    Acclaim SCH R880 Acton GT S3370 Admire R720 Admire SCH R720
    Apollo GT I5800L B2710 Xcover 271 B3210 B7300 Beat DJ GT M7600
    Beat DJ Mobile Phone GT M7600 Behold II SGH t939 Brooklyn GT B5310 C3560 C5510
    Caliber SCH r850 Caliber SCH r860 Captivate Glide I927 Captivate SGH i897
    Ch@t 322 Ch@t 335 GT S3350 Character R640 Character Touchscreen SCH R640
    Chrono R261 Chrono SCH R260 Chrono SCH R261 Code SCH i220
    Comment R380 Comment SCH R380 Conquer 4G D600 Conquer 4G SPH D600
    Continum i400 SCH I400 Continuum SCH I400 Contour SCH R250 Convoy 2 SCH U660
    Convoy 2 U660 Corby Pro GT B5310R Corby Touch SGH t566 Craft SCH R900
    DIVA GT S7070 Dart SGH T499 Dart T499 Diva
    DoubleTime I857 Droid Charge SCH I510 Droid Charge SCH i510 E2330 E2530
    E3210 Elevate SGH T356 Enternity II SGH a597 Epic 4G SPH D700
    Epic SPH D700 Eternity II SGH A597 Evergreen SGH A667 Exclaim SPH m550
    Exec SCH i225 Exhibit 4G SGH T759 Exhibit II 4G T679 Factor SPH M260
    Fascinate 4G SGH T959 Fascinate SCH i500 Feeform III SCH R380 Fellow SCH r100
    Flight II SGH a927 Flight SGH a796 Flight SGH a797 Focus Flash I677
    Focus S I937 Focus SGH I971RWC Focus SGH i917 Focus SGH i917RWC
    Freedom III R380 Freedom SCH R360 Freeform II SCH R360 Freeform SCH r350
    Freeform SCH r351 GALAXY ICON GT I7500 GALAXY ICON GT B3210 GT B3310
    GT B7300 GT I5700 GT S3370 GT S5603 GT i8910 HD Galaxy 5
    Galaxy 551 Galaxy 580 Galaxy Ace GT S5830 Galaxy Ace
    Galaxy Apollo GT I5800 Galaxy Attain 4G R920 Galaxy Europa GT i5500 Galaxy Fit S5670
    Galaxy Fit Galaxy GIO GT S5660 Galaxy GIO S5660 Galaxy GIO
    Galaxy GT I5700 Galaxy GT I7500L Galaxy Indulge SCH R910 Galaxy Mini GT S5570
    Galaxy Mini Galaxy Note Galaxy Portal GT I5700 Galaxy Precedent M828C
    Galaxy Precedent SCH M828C Galaxy Prevail M820 Galaxy Prevail SPH M820 Galaxy Pro
    Galaxy Q SGH T589 Galaxy S Captivate SGH i896 Galaxy S Fascinate SGH T959D Galaxy S Fascinate
    Galaxy S GT I9000 Galaxy S II 4G Galaxy S II I727 Galaxy S II SGH I777
    Galaxy S II SGH T989 Galaxy S II SPH D710 Galaxy S II Galaxy S Infuse 4G SGH i997
    Galaxy S SGH T959V Galaxy S Vibrant GT I9000 Galaxy Spica GT I5700 Gem SCH I100
    Genio II Genio Qwerty Gravity 3 SGH t479 Gravity Smart QWERTY SGH T589
    Gravity TXT QWERT SGH T379 Gravity TXT QWERTY T379 Gravity Touch QWERT SGH T669 Gravity Touch QWERTY T699
    Gravity Touch SGH T669 Gravity Touch SGH t669 Gusto SCH u360 HD I8910
    HD ICON GT I8910 Haven SCH u320 Highnote SPH m630 I5700
    Indulge R915 Indulge SCH R915 Infuse 4G I997 Infuse 4G SGH i997
    Innov8 I8510 Intensity II SCH u460 Intercept SPH m910 Intrepid SPH I350
    JET ICON GT S8003 JET ICON JET S8000 Jet Ultra Edition GT S8000
    Jet Ultra Edition LINK SCH r351 Libre GT C3300 Linx SGH T369R
    Linx M370 Mesmerize SCH i500 Messager II SCH r560 Messager III SCH R570
    Messager SCH R630 Messager SCH R631 Messager Touch SCH r630 Messager Touch SCH r631
    Moment SPH m900 Monte GT S5620 MyShot II SCH r460 Mythic SGH a897
    Nexus S 4G SPH D720 Nexus S GT I5500M Nexus S GT I9020T Nexus S GT i9020A
    Nexus S I9020A Nexus S scLCD Nexus S OMNIA ICON GT I8000
    OMNIA ICON OMNIA II GT i8000L Omnia 7 GT I8700 Omnia II GT I8000
    Omnia II SCH i920 Omnia Lite GT B7300 Omnia Pro B7610 Omnia Pro GT B7330
    Omnia Pro GT B7350 PRESTON ICON GT S5603 PRESTON ICON Phoenix SPH m230
    Profile SCH R580 R375C Rant SPH m540 Reality SCH U820
    Reality Touchscreen SCH U370 Reclaim SPH m560 Replenish M580 Replenish SPH M580
    Repp R680 Restore M575 Restore QWERTY SPH M575 Restore SPH M575
    Restore SPH m570 Rugby II SGH a847 Rugby II SGH a847m S5510 S5511T
    S6700T S7350 SCH R330 SCH R335C SCH R355 SCH r355c
    SCH r880 SGH C414 SGH G810 SGH T259 SGH T330 SGH T340G
    SGH T528G SGH a187 SGH a197 SGH t249 SGH t369 SPH M240 SPH M330
    SPH M360 SPH m220 SPH m320 Seek SPH m350 Showcase I500
    Showcase SCH i500 Sidekick 4G SGH T839 Sidekick SGH T839 Smiley :) SGH T359
    Smiley SGH t359 Solstice II SGH A817 Stride SCH R330 Strive SGH a687
    Stunt SCH r100 Suede SCH R710 T330 T340G T528G
    Tocco Icon GT S5260 Tocco Icon Tocco Ultra Edition S8300 Tocco Ultra Edition
    Transfix R730 Transform SPH M920 Transform Ultra M930 Transform Ultra SPH M930
    Trender M380 Trender SPH M380 TwoStep SCH R470 Ultra S GT S7350
    Ultra S Ultra Touch S8300 VICE SCH R561 Vibrant SGH T959
    Vitality R720 Vitality SCH R720 WAVE 723 GT S7230 Wave 723
    Wave GT S8500 Wave II GT S8530 Wave525 GT S5250 lllusion I110

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